a little east of reality

Sunday, May 22, 2005

You are feeling very sleeeepy...

This weekend I caught up on about 12 hours of sleep I missed throughout the week. It was glorius. After sleeping in on Saturday and having an extra nap Saturday afternoon after Phi went to work, I stayed up a little to ring Tetchan at a reasonable hour (her time) before more sleep. Sunday morning I felt truly rested, but during the afternoon another inpromptu nap snuck up on me as I was reading on the lounge. I really must have needed it because Dan Brown books do NOT induce sleep. Quite the opposite.

In other sleep-related news, I finally got my winter quilt out (100% duck down) and put soft, purple flannelette sheets on the bed. SOOOO hard to get out of bed in the morning now, even with my trusty column heater keeping the chill at bay. We just started hitting 0 degree Celcius temperatures before the frosty dawn here in the cold capital. Winter's come late this year, but arrived nonetheless. Officially it starts first of June, but the weather started getting cold last year in early May. Now I'm wondering how long it will last.