a little east of reality

Saturday, May 28, 2005

saturday shopping

Amazing how much difference just having a little extra cash makes. I find myself buying all the minor things I've been telling myself I could do without for the past year. I was getting sick of that little voice in my head saying, "you don't really need that". Why don't voices in your head ever tell you nice stuff? Maybe if they did everyone wouldn't be at their shrink trying to get rid of them.

Today my list included:
- double brie (King Island...the good stuff)
- a double adaptor (so we can play the stereo without unplugging the TV)
- one of those little doodads that you measure spaghetti with
"Do you think that's enough spaghetti for two people?"
"Um, I guess it's enough."
"But if you were making it, would you use more or less."
"A little...more? I don't know!"
Such is the decisiveness level of our household. One more little doodad, one less decision to make. Plus shopping for little things is satisfying. I got those three things for under $10, but I feel like I went shopping.

In other shopping news, I may have finally found a bookcase. I was using one of the shelves in my hall cupboard as a bookshelf. Now that I cleared the spare shelves in that cupboard out to give Phi some room to store his stuff, the books are stacked in a couple of boxes and I keep finding more, plus DVDs and the like. Anyway, it's very sad the boy had to borrow his dad's stationwagon because his car is taking so long to fix, but if it means I can get my bookcase home without paying a delivery fee, I'm prepared to be quietly happy that he did (that he borrowed the wagon, not that his car is broken - that would be too mean; the boy loves his car). That place is great on prices, but delivery is steep - $40.

The bookcase made up for the fact that the heater I wanted was sold out. It's on a raincheck but the mornings are getting so cold now that I will be feeling every day I wait to bring it home. Wednesday morning this week hit a new low of -3 degrees C. If you're unfamiliar with the Celcius scale, -3 = too cold to be getting out of bed without a heater.