a little east of reality

Friday, May 27, 2005


I recently discovered bma, Canberra's free entertainment guide and yeah, yeah it's nice to find out that stuff does actually happen here after dark and all, but my favourite thing about it is the free stuff. I have yet to win anything, yet I am totally committed to the pursuit of amusing the editor (how one wins free stuff). Today I had to tell him:
- what makes me laugh till I wet myself
- what else is blue
- what noise a backfiring interstellar phaser torpedo makes
- the first thing I think of when he says the word 'French'
- what makes me restless
- the grimiest thing I've come across in my short time on the planet
- the nicest thing I ever did

Bass Boy once won concert tickets by delivering his 'wittiest pick-up line' on a radio show. The line? **Barry White voice** "You lookin' to buy a dog? Well don't bother...'cause I'm all the puppy lovin' you need." He was all of twelve at the time.

The best thing I ever won on the radio was a $1000 shopping spree. That's how I got my first decent camera ($400). Still, I think I like concert tickets the best. I love it when you've made an oh-so-sensible decision that you absolutely cannot see the Taste of Chaos show because you've already seen Powderfinger and just got tickets for Rove Stands Up...and then get to go anyway. Hopefully that's a prediction for the future.