a little east of reality

Monday, May 30, 2005

and the winner is...

Today is shaping up to be the best day. First, I have the day off work. Second, I went with fear and trembling to find out what's wrong with my computer. The guy fixed it on the spot and only charged me $45, mostly for the part he had to replace. A 30min round trip and now the computer is working like a charm. That out of the way I got busy. I've now had breakfast, gotten two loads of laundry done and sorted out my bedroom and it's only 10.45am.

Too productive for a day off you say? That's okay, because I have a DVD (Before Sunset) to kick back with while I have lunch. I loved the first movie and have finally got around to watching this sequel. It intrigues me that they got the same two actors and the same director, nine years later, to resume the story of the same two characters nine years later. And is there a pesky flatmate to consider in all this freedom? No there isn't. Crank up the Rob Zombie CD, coz I have the house to myself all day.

Last but not least, I just checked my email and found out that I won three of the bma magazine contests that I posted about the other day. That's right, not one, but three. Yaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! What did I win? Well, Human After All by Daft Punk, Sound Deluxe 2 by DJ Halo, and a double pass to Red Gecko on Friday night.

Okay I'll be off doing a happy dance now.

Update: steaming hot prawn laksa for dinner, then off to Sky's house to eat Chocolate Truffle Gateau from Michel's and celebrate my promotion. I found out on Friday, but I haven't had the chance to celebrate until today. Same job, same team, but I just went up a level. It's a little extra money, which is always nice. Worth a chocolate cake anyway. ^_^