a little east of reality

Thursday, June 09, 2005

camilleri-less in canberra

Janet on being Lonely:

Feeling so alone and deserted
With people standing all around you
Should I trust someone
Should I stay off to myself
Alone with no one to talk to
It's such a helpless feeling

So anytime you feel the need
Call me when you're lonely
Cause everybody needs a friend
To be there when they're lonely

So don't isolate yourself
Every time that I come around
A person all alone
Is an unhappy one
We need somebody near to love us
Someone who cares
Living life all by yourselves
Impossible to do and I'll be there for you

Anytime you feel the need
Call me when you're lonely
Cause everybody needs a friend
And I'll be yours if you're lonely

If you're all alone
And a friend you need
Like a river flows
You hurt, I'll bleed
If you can trust in me
We can find a way
Take away the pain

Time heals all things
Even a lonely state of mind
'cause happiness is oh so hard to find
If you're lonely I will be there

Except this song isn't about feeling lonely. It's about offering comfort to someone who is lonely. I used to have people who would have sung this song to me...literally and figuratively. Now they're all too far away. The internet isn't enough. The phone isn't enough. I'm so tired of being so far away from my closest friends.

Joe Camilleri played at Tilley's tonight and there was no-one to go with. In Adelaide or in Osaka I could have gotten a group of six together with a couple of phone calls. I feel so frustrated. Joe Camelleri is good value. No band he's been associated with ever disappoints and he is perfect live in a small venue. It should be easy to hook up with some good-music-loving friend, have a few drinks and chill to Camilleri.

Exactly two of my best friends live here and they are married to each other. You can't live in the same people's pockets all the time. It's disheartening. It makes me feeling like a houseguest who's overstayed my welcome. It's going to be at least another 2-3 years before I can move to Sydney. I've got to meet more people...more like-minded people... in this cold city or I'm going to go crazy.