a little east of reality

Friday, June 10, 2005

how come I get the girlie gun?

Ah Brad & Angelina. I believed all along that you didn't have an affair while the Bradster was still married (I'm a believing type), but now I'm certain. That chemistry was so precise, so 'decided prior', I just know that man was thinking about the moment when he'd head home to his wife. Or maybe their natural chemistry was stilted by an over-zealous director who doesn't know when to stand back and let two professionals do their thing.

Mr & Mrs Smith is a fun movie. Snappy wisecracks, fast and furious fight scenes including some awesome hand-to-hand. The woman has a way with knifes, even if her aim is occasionally off. Occasionally. Both stars are at some point so sexy that you'll wish you were one of them, or with them, or with both of them. Hey whatever floats your boat okay?

And though I'm prepared to give it four stars for the last line alone, which still has me chuckling (especially due to the little boy way that Brad delivered it, haha), the truth is that the direction was so heavy-handed that little was left to feel natural. They both have their moments when they run with the scene and seem to forget that the director is there and they are the best moments of the film (Angelina just after they meet, Brad in smaller moments throughout). However, that oh-so-choreographed kiss at the window 'the morning after'...they made a mistake calling that the final take. It looked more like a blocking rehearsal.

Anyway, scowl at the director by all means, but go see it for Brad and Angie. They're both class acts and we all need a little fun fodder for our fantasies.