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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

pétale de temps - cool photoblog

If you are into nature shots, check out Camille's free photoblog, pétale de temps. (NB: The site doesn't like IE too much, but I viewed it with Mozilla and had no problems.)

Most of his shots are nature close-ups in vivid, gorgeous colours, though there are also black and white photos. I love taking pictures like this, but with my camera I can never get close enough. However Camille has captured not only close shots but lovely moments: raindrops, insects alighting, that kind of thing. There are also some landscapes and sky shots. (I'll have to recommend that he check out sky-cafe.)

Best of all, the photos are under a copyright that allows you to copy, distribute and modify them for your own personal use, as long as that use is free. Enjoy! ^_^