a little east of reality

Sunday, June 19, 2005

goodbyes, ganja and guinea pigs

I was up and packed before Scors and Baps emerged blinking into the daylight, as I'd passed on going out after the party. Wise choice as it turned out. Someone in the group had a joint on him and there happened to be a police officer with a sniffer dog patrolling. I'm extremely okay with the fact that I was back at the flat sleeping at the time.

Anyway, Scors made us poached eggs on toast, hugs all round, semi-dash to my 1pm bus, and before I knew it I was back in the cold capital. And cold it was. But it was warm at Sky's house, where I had the best fun with their new bunny. She is only five weeks old, but has been handled a lot (the mother died) and is a fearless, curious little sweetheart. What with having the most gorgeous, affectionate cat in Australia and an outrageously cute, fat-bellied guinea pig, Sky's house is becoming Cute Central. Must be rather rough on poor Monte, the ugliest cat in existence. He's a sad case.

I can't believe I have work tomorrow. >_<