a little east of reality

Saturday, July 30, 2005

signs point to not a chance in hell ^^

Phi and I did the rounds of the Saturday garage sales this morning. I firmly busted his pre-conceived notions about the navigation skills of females, which was satisfying after his skeptical look when I announced I was a good navigator. And I am!

We'd hoped for some treasure, as you do, but ended up with some pretty minor bounty. I did happen upon a magic 8-ball, which I've wanted forever. We passed the driving time asking it questions. Phi's been desperate to get his car back, but the mechanic had to get hold of one more part last week. Twice we asked the magic 8-ball if he's getting his car on Monday and it said 'don't count on it'. However it's certain he'll have it on Tuesday, so that's good news. ^^

Me: Magic 8-ball, will I ever get to drive Phi's car?

Phi: (scoffing) Unlikely.

[M8B: Signs point to yes.]

Me: It says 'signs point to yes'.

Phi: Pfft. That's what it thinks!