a little east of reality

Thursday, July 28, 2005

damn, not again...

Wow. I just woke up...at work. I worked late (unusual for me) till about 8pm and at that time each night the lights go out. There's an after hours timer that you have to press to get 2 more hours of light, but I kept working for a little while in the dark, as the screen is visible. Finally the darkness worked its magic and I fell asleep.

This is a really common occurrence for me, falling asleep in my chair. I've always been able to sleep pretty much anywhere if I had to, but lately it's becoming my M.O. Usually I'm at home where I can wake up, complain silently about my neck muscles and then drag myself onto a soft, forgiving pillow to get a few hours of better sleep. Now, however, I find myself at work at 2.30am, still not having had dinner and with no good place to rest my head.

The upside: plenty of time to catch up on my blogging and email before even the early birds in my branch wander in at 8am. Dinner was solved by raiding the microwave porridge packets I keep in my desk for the rare days when I remember I missed breakfast.

I've been trying to put together a new blog - and by 'put together' I mean fooling with the template. It's always an adventure when chosha attempts to figure out html, oh yes. This blog (that you're reading right now) was relatively easy because I liked the layout and all I was really doing was fooling with the colours. The only thing I had to figure out was which part of the template corresponded to which part of the blog. But with the new one I am trying to shift boxes and alter pictures and styles and all manner of stuff. Can you spell nightmare? Yes I can. It's H-T-M-L. Jojo's been helpful, but I'm trying to only ask him things I have failed to figure out on my own after some trying. If I asked Jojo every question I had for him we would never get to talk about anything interesting.

And why am I creating a new blog? I'm always finding interesting shit, and moreso now that I've discovered the wonderful world of podcasting. There are SO MANY interesting shows out there. (Soon I will write a post on my discoveries in podcast land.) But when you mix personal stories with funny crap with serious politics with movie reviews, it just seems too jumbled. I decided I wanted a place to put all this thought-provoking stuff I keep finding but which doesn't really gel with the rest of my blog. I'll let you know when the html nightmare is over and it's ready to go.