a little east of reality

Sunday, July 17, 2005

bass boy's birthday

Break out the birthday candles...Bass Boy has turned fourteen. His birthday money takes him inches from the bass of his dreams, so his jaw dropped in surprise when his 'rents handed him another two presents.

1) clothes
But not just any clothes. A couple of weeks ago BB's mum took him shopping at a huge Westco sale. He found four excellent items that he absolutely loved. He put the bag down for a second...and it was gone. All four perfect pieces of clothing stolen. His mum went back to the Westco staff and they looked all over the country for Westco stores that still had those four pieces in his size. So on his birthday, he got all his cool clothes back.

and 2) a new Nokia 5510 mobile phone that is also an mp3 player and radio, and has a little querty keyboard for fast texting.

I got him some magazines: Total Guitar and a couple of car mags. Happy birthday, BB!!