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Monday, July 25, 2005

What book am I?

One of those quizzy things.

You're A Theory of Justice!
by John Rawls

Okay, so the blurb that went with this result was superlatively dumb, but I loved the result, so I replaced the blurb and posted the result anyway. I love this book. Rawls is one of my top 3 favourite political philosophers (Mill also rocks...not sure who I'd put third, hmmm).

Actually I love political philosophy in general. I stumbled upon it by accident when I looking for a semester course to fill a gap in my uni schedule after I decided to drop
third year Japanese. I ended up taking a course with the best Pol Phil lecturer ever. He has the most ordered mind; he even makes Nietzsche comprehensible, which is quite a feat. I became so enthralled by the concept of defining and creating a just society that I had to take his course the next semester, something I hadn't planned on.

Even better, the next year I went on to the Honours course, which included a course of study on Justice. Discussing Justice, just society and just international politics with an entire class of people who actually like to study and care about the subject is an amazing thing. Not that we all agreed with each other, but that was part of the fun.

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