a little east of reality

Saturday, September 10, 2005

in other birthday dinner related news...

There were ten of us around the table and it was extremely festive looking, including silly hats, which everyone actually wore. I got to choose my meal and went with something simple that I know I love: chicken schnitzel, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. The birthday cake was a coconut cake. Trevor's coconut cake has been my favourite for a long time. It isn't the most complex, or truly even the most delectable, cake he makes (that award would go to his chocolate cheescake...to die for), but I love coconut flavour and the simplicity of the cake appeals to me.

Presents: flowers for my window sill (very pretty), a photo album, a votive candle (votive meaning 'made or done to express gratitude or devotion'...yeah I don't get why either, but the smell is nice), a small Japanese wall hanging and the afore-mentioned enormous bear.

It was a low-key night. Some singing, a game of charades (which is fun with the kids playing) and some football on TV. We're from Adelaide, where Aussie Rules Football is popular (here it's rugby). In Adelaide there are only two AFL teams: the Adelaide Crows, or Port Power. Tonight they were playing each other and we are all diehard Crows fans. So in spite of it being a birthday dinner, we couldn't resist watching part of the game (the Crows totally won, by the way, 123 to 40).

I found myself often wondering what Phi thought of it all. I've known this family half my life - they are a quirky bunch and I love them heaps, but I did wonder what his perception of it all was, especially because the kids all like him so they can be a little overwhelming when they try to include him.