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Sunday, September 11, 2005

bai bai tamaki

Tamaki left today. We had a bit of an adventure when I ran out of petrol two streets from the university. That hill never seemed so steep till I was trying to hurry up it with a very large suitcase. Tamaki ran ahead and got someone to come back with a car. She was already emotional because it was her last day, and this just made her moreso, so she was a bit teary when she got on the bus.

She gave me this letter:
Dear Chosha

I really appreciate your kindness for 3 weeks. You always speak in plain English for me, so I could understand. [smiling face]

I'm sorry that I was always shy so I couldn't talk with you so much. But, you are always very kind to me and make me laugh. [laughing face] Thank you for teaching correct English and helping my presentation. I learned that 'th' sound is very important in speaking English.

I want to stay here but I have to go. [crying face] I'll never forget my pleasant memories in Canberra. I'll send you a letter when I come back to Japan.

Thank you very much! [heart heart heart]
Take care!!!
Tamaki [picture of a rabbit waving and saying 'goodbye']
Cute, huh? In regard to the 'th' sound, for those who don't already know this: the Japanese language has no 'th' sound, so it's always a challenge for Japanese when they learn English. Her presentation was on the Australian climate and was good I thought. The teacher liked it anyway.