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Saturday, September 17, 2005

dave grohl

Drummer Boy was appalled to find out that I wasn't "much into the Foo Fighters". I'd only seen them perform one night on Rove Live and to be honest it was a pretty average performance. He adores them, not least of all because Dave Grohl is his hero. Like Grohl, DB plays more than drums and he'd love to be as good as Grohl on everything.

So I find myself lately checking out Foo Fighters' music and becoming more and more interested in what I read about Dave Grohl. I had no idea just how many musical incarnations the guy had been through. Back when Nirvana were huge I was into other grunge bands like Pearl Jam. I knew some of Nirvana's music, but not the name of the band members, so it didn't mean anything to me when Foo Fighters emerged, because I didn't know who Dave Grohl was.

Their single All My Life was the turning point. I love that song! Since then I seem to hear Foo Fighters everywhere I go. A couple days ago I came across the Hammer collector's edition mag on Foo Fighters - 154 pages of FF that is going to have DB worshipping the ground I walk on when I give it to him later today. And this week I heard Dave Grohl's CD Probot. This page explains the project better than I could, but basically Grohl wrote an album full of great metal songs and then involved all his favourite metal vocalists from his formative years.

The result is impressive. Generally my tastes stand on the hard rock side of the line between hard rock and heavy metal, but even I could recognise how good the album was - sharp, vibrant metal sung full-throated and pure. Nice. If you follow this link you can see Grohl's comments on some of the artists who sang on the album:

It'll be interesting to see where this leads me. I haven't been through a heavy metal phase (if that's what I'm in) since school.