a little east of reality

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I fought the law...

...and the law won.

Chai and I flew to Melbourne today to join the people on the graduate program for their day course in Law. My brain is completely fried. We covered four topics: Interpretation of Statutory Law, Administrative Law, The Freedom of Information Act, and Privacy Laws. Though it was interesting (in the sense that we can take it back to work and apply a lot of it straight away) by the time the Privacy section rolled around the whole room was having trouble keeping their eyes open. Having gotten up at 4.30am in order to make the pre-dawn flight didn't help. So when it ended early at 3.30pm we caught an earlier flight rather than sticking around to enjoy the city.

Even so, it was nice to be in Melbourne after so long. On the way into our building I spotted Inferno, an awesome little treasure trove of counter-culture movies from all over the world. Martial arts, Italian horror, US sci-fi, etc, etc. At lunch time I slipped out before anyone could invite me to another hour of making polite conversation, and checked it out. Next time I go to Melbourne I'll bring more money with me. I also found a vintage clothing store down the street with a rack of original (secondhand) concert t-shirts. Nothing I wanted, but nostalgia-producing nonetheless. Ah those big hair rock bands from the 80s...*sigh*