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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

now that's what I call an episode of 'survivors'

I am so very impressed that all of these people survived.

I tend to think of plane crashes as something you should just accept will probably kill you. I know people survive (even if some of those subsequently get eaten by sharks, or worse, each other) but generally speaking if you're inside a 300 tonne metal box which is falling, not flying, you are pretty much toast.

But not today!
More than 300 passengers and crew on an Air France airbus have had a miraculous escape after their flight skidded off the end of a runway in Canada and burst into flames The accident happened as long-haul A-340 jet, arriving from Paris, was making a landing during a storm at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.Passengers have said they saw lightning as the plane came down. The plane crashed into trees and bushes in a gully that separates the airport perimeter from a busy highway. All 297 passengers and 12 crew escaped before the fire took hold.

And these quotes:

"Olivier Dubos, who was sitting at the back of the plane, told CTV television the plane appeared to land "extremely fast" after a 20-minute delay caused by storm conditions at the airport.
Then there was darkness, as the plane careened out of control and crashed into a ravine.
"Just before we landed the plane was going extremely fast but we thought that was because of the rain or heavy winds or whatever," Mr Dubos said.
"Then there was no more light in the plane. It was really scary. Very, very scary."

I bet it was. So not on my list of things to do this decade. Or the next.