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Friday, October 03, 2008

the pen is mightier than the keyboard

A friend sent me a bookmark today, a real flower with five loose petals. He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me...you get the picture. It was sweet and slightly goofy. I like it. It came with a birthday card (I haven't mailed hers so we're about on par) and in an envelope made out of a map of Denver (which is where she lives).

I'm expecting a postcard soon from Ireland. I'm kinda hoping it has pictures on it, but not holding my breath as the sender was in a big hurry getting organised to leave for home. I'm really just wishing for art because he sent me another letter one time that was, letter and envelope, a fun, arty little one-off.

There's a guy I adored in high school ~ first love and all that. I still have every note he wrote me in class. Every five years or so I get nostalgic and read them. Most are completely random and very high school, but they're in his handwriting and although I left him behind a long time ago, I have no desire to throw the notes away. Too much lovely history in their small, folded pages. I don't have the one letter he wrote me (I suspect my mother found it!) O_O!

Handmade, hand-written, hand drawn. I light up when I get an email from someone I love or miss, but even if I print it out, it's not the paper they touched, penned, shaded. I think this holiday season the e-card is out. I'm sitting down with the big pile of blankness and writing some love.

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