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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sythycd? ~finale~

Okay, the finale. The judges always get the chance to choose a favourite dance from the season, so there are lots of repeat routines. A highlight for me was that the judges took to the stage. Nigel did a tap routine with some students from the Debbie Allen Academy and Mary Murphy took a golden opportunity to get her hands on Dimitri and his infamous chest. Mind you, with sexy legs up to her neck, she's not looking too bad herself.

Shane Sparks choreographed this routine for the whole top 20.

This guest appearance by the cast of Criss Angel Believe features a very unusual and intriguing Wade Robson routine.

And how about the result? Though I'm happy for Joshua that he won, and I thought he was awesome throughout the season, I must admit that I would have ranked him third after Katee and Twitch in my line-up of favourites. I honestly thought Katee was the best dancer of the top 4.

Twitch has really attractive maturity as a dancer and performer. Not long before the finale, Adam Shankman announced that this season's winner would get a guest dancer role in the next movie he was choreographing. It was mostly for this reason that I had a secret wish that Twitch would win. Otherwise I would have gone for Katee.

But in the end Joshua was not a disappointment. He proved himself many times over and I can't be too sad he got the votes in the end. Here's a montage from his audition through to the results.