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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sytycd? top 4

Okay. First let me say that the top 4 didn't surprise me. Or at least I wasn't surprised who made it in from the top 6. I had always thought I would have to lose one of my favourite guys because Will was a superior dancer to both, but in fact Twitch and Joshua both made it through. Katee had to be there and Courtney, though not a particular favourite of mine, totally deserved to be there, too.

And on to my favourite routines from the show. Twitch and Courtney did a decent Napoleon and Tabitha hip hop routine, but at this point I feel like the 'angry girlfriend' routine has been done. This clip is of Joshua and Katee dancing a Wade Robson (Australian!!) lyrical routine.

Twitch and Joshua danced a Russian trepak. Good lord the energy required for this dance! Makes me tired just watching.

Here's a Mia Michaels routine from all four finalists. It's actually not here because I love it. It's kinda weird to be honest, and why they wore kilts I do not know. Maybe the costume department people were high at the time.