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Sunday, September 28, 2008

ideas + a link for those interested in proposition 8

From a recent comment:

P.S. Please keep on blogging. I like what you have to say and need to come by here more often.

As lovely and appreciated as that compliment is, in the face of it I find myself completely unable...to think...about anything...at all.

This, I think, is why I do not write for a sitcom or a newspaper column. I think inspiration prefers to sneak up on me rather than being drawn to me by deliberate will. This phenomenon is also the reason I was hesitant to say yes when I friend recently asked me if I'd like to do some improv. When I imagine it I see myself standing like an idiot in front of other people with a completely blank face and mind. Scary.

Still, it's a course in improv, not a competition, so maybe I will be just one of many people trying to recall back when they had a shred of humour and imagination in them (about 20 min before they were asked to do improv in front of strangers instead of in a friend's loungeroom while mocking a particularly bad B-grade horror movie, or the like).

We shall see...

Abby also provided a link to a fantastic essay by Morris Thurston on Proposition 8. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Proposition 8 and particularly to anyone in California who will be voting on the matter. Thurston says, in his introduction:

An anonymously‐authored document titled “Six Consequences the Coalition Has Identified if Proposition 8 Fails” is currently being distributed by a coalition of churches and other organizations in support of Proposition 8, an initiative on the November 2008 California ballot. The intent of Proposition 8 is to overturn the California Supreme Court’s ruling allowing homosexuals to marry.

Most of the arguments contained in “Six Consequences” are either untrue or misleading. The following commentary addresses those arguments and explains how they are based on misinterpretations of law and fact.

The piece is clear, understandable and succinct ~ a very good read and relevant.

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