a little east of reality

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

whipping life into shape

What a great week I've had! It had two main themes and both made the week feel good.

1. I'm looking after the basics.
You know, I always have this theory running that if I could just nail down some important basics of life, I would enjoy life more and get a lot more done. Those basics? Sleep, health, money. Of those three, sleep has proven to be both the most important and the most neglected. Money has proven the hardest to achieve. Health I'm working out in bits and pieces. For example, this year I finally made space in my budget for regular visits to the chiropractor and this has had a big impact on my ability to do other things. Nutrition isn't really an issue, especially since I started cooking for someone else regularly, because I have to focus on giving them good meals each week and get them myself as a result. My finances are on track, but everything moves slowly.

Sleep on the other hand is all my fault. And this week, all my success. Four nights straight of "early to bed and early to rise" (with a good eight hours of sleep each night) and I feel like I could conquer the world. I haven't been this productive in weeks and it's actually a great feeling.

2. I'm reorganising my life.

I moved to a new desk at work - great chance to reorganise my workspace, file some stuff, ditch some stuff. I'm also getting the home environment up to speed; not only rearranging my room, but also doing some long overdue home repairs like changing tap washers, hanging pictures and fixing the electrical outlet I broke last week. Finally I've reorganised my finances - changed banks, sorted out my various accounts and set up a bunch of automatic payments to keep everything on track.

Life's good. :)