a little east of reality

Friday, July 07, 2006

70 years young

I've heard it said that 70 is the new 50, and I think it's true. Here's my dad just turning 70 this week and he is still working (part-time, but he is a sports coach which is fairly active). Last week he filled in for a guy who was out sick from the A-grade table tennis team so they didn't have to forfeit. He's eligible, but everyone laughed at the idea that some geriatric was filling in and there was a general guffaw at the desperateness of the move...until he won two of his three matches. People tend to assume that he doesn't have to stay so skilled to teach disabled players, but they forget that his disabled players play in the Paralympics - they might not be able to beat able-bodied players who are at the same level, but they are still international level players and pretty damn good. And Dad got them there.

This makes the idea of turning 40 a little less worrisome, because I feel like I really do have a lot of my life still left to live. It's not a milestone I am particularly looking forward to, but if my dad is still living large at 70, I don't suppose I'll be settling in the mire anytime soon. Carpe diem, yo!