a little east of reality

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

snow, submersion and security

It snowed today!! And this was in the city too, swirling fiercely past our windows as we all stood there in amazement and delight. It almost never snows in Canberra, though we have snowfields a couple of hours away.

It was so pretty, but the wind blowing through the snow was icy and chill, so when I got home I decided to take a hot bath. Now being home alone calls for being luxurious, so I got my latest book, which happens to be Chocolat. Naturally then I needed to make myself a very decadent cup of rich hot chocolate to take in with me...just hot milk with dark chocolate melted into it - h.e.a.v.e.n.l.y! I poured it into my Christmas angel cup to match the snowy theme outside.

All sounds lovely, ne? It was. For about 45minutes. That's when I got out and discovered I had locked myself out of my own bedroom.

My bedroom door locks with a key. Somehow tonight I managed to turn the button sufficiently so that when I shut the door (to keep the heat in the room) I locked it. And where, pray tell, were my bag, keys, mobile phone and security pass? That's right...in the bedroom, behind the locked door. Now see if you can guess where my spare keys were? Remember, my security pass was in the room with my car keys. Have you got it yet? That's right...the spare keys were in my desk...at work.

I had to call Rev (who was already in bed) to ask for a lift to work and back. I also had to call the security company and arrange for a guard to meet me there so I could get to my desk to retrieve the keys. The first thing he asked for, of course, was ID...all in my bag at home, in the locked room. Luckily he was not a bastard about it and is going to simply pop by to ID me tomorrow. He now knows where my desk is, after all.

I'm just glad that I happened to have an outfit outside of my room, or I would have been meeting the security guy in my dressing gown. As it was I only had thongs to wear on my feet and it was still snowing!! It was SO EMBARRASSING!!! And I just can't wait to have a conversation with our in-house security guy tomorrow about it. *sigh*

But it did snow today. So yahhhhh!!!!