a little east of reality

Friday, August 05, 2005

nicest compliment I received this week

In the middle of discussion on finding love (a shockingly repetitive theme in my life this month! I really must stop watching romantic movies.) I received this quite nice compliment from someone who has a lot of substance themselves, which made it even nicer:

Neo: There are so many people out there that are [can't remember the exact words but something about immaturity or superficiality]. But you have a lot of substance, chosha. I have high hopes for you.
Me: Thanks *blush* that's a nice compliment. Though I'm not sure that's how the real world works.
Neo: Well the real world can get fucked.
He also made a gorgeous comment about his wife this week:
It's been nine years and I just get up every day thinking 'oh, I could just marry you all over again.'
It's people like him that make me keep trying to find love in this jaded world. The world needs more people who understand what loving someone else really means.

And people that can juggle.