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Monday, July 27, 2009

8 out of 10 cats ~ woohoo!

Joy, oh joy, 8 out of 10 cats is back. I couldn't find any reference to the new season and then suddenly I'm checking again and finding eight belly-laugh-worthy episodes waiting for me. Woohoo! I could use a good cackle.

(Remember to read these out loud in a British accent. It's better.)

Jimmy on Susan Boyle:
Yes this is the story that Susan Boyle came second in Britain's Got Talent. Or, as the Daily Mail reported it: a 48-year-old woman has been beaten by 11 youths from East London. There were 19 million witnesses and no-one's come forward: BROKEN BRITAIN!

Jack Whitehall on the British government expenses scam:
It did go properly extreme, though. When I opened the newspaper and read about the guy that claimed for a moat I thought, you better be the MP for Camelot!

Sean Locke on the same:
That duck island really annoyed me. I'll tell you why. Because it was a floating island. So that's not an island - it's a boat! Ducks don't need a boat - they can swim. That's like giving a ladder to a magpie!

Alex Zane on Obama's visit to the Middle East/Egypt:
He got a standing ovation at the University of Cairo and everyone's like, that was fantastic. But it was a university. It's not hard to get a standing ovation at a university. I got a standing ovation when I was at university for drinking a pint of vodka from a tennis shoe.

Jimmy Carr on the same:
Obama has pledged financial support for Egypt. I'm worried about where that money's going - it could be some kind of pyramid scheme.

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