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Saturday, January 05, 2008

oh shingo

Your efforts in drag have come a long way...

But nothing will ever top this:

I couldn't find this with subtitles, but there's a lot you can tell just from watching (eg the conversation they have about how Shingo looks so much bigger than Tsuyoshi and Koichi even though they are sitting equal distances from the camera). The game where they are lined up is one every female guest on the show gets to play, where they "secretly" choose the guy they like the best on the show and then say why. As Shingo Mama (the character) is a woman, "she" gets to play. The funniest thing about this clip for me is the fact that no-one else has ever made Gackt break out of his uber cool glare and smile so many times in one show. And with such a simple device. Fantastic.

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