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Saturday, December 29, 2007

fashion in japan

Here's a bit of a selection of the clothes I saw everywhere on young people in Osaka and Tokyo. The shirt with the butterfly below is style of shirt I saw a lot. Apart from butterflies I've also seen guns, guitars and skulls. Click any of the pictures for a closer look.

The picture I wanted but didn't get was of a particular outfit a lot of women were wearing, consisting of very short shorts (or plaid knickerbockers) worn with dark winter tights and ankle boots. I was a little disturbed by the 80s flashback it gave me. I've been searching the web for a good image to no avail, though the shorts below are the most common type I saw, over thick black tights. I've realised from searching around that Japan is not the only place women are wearing shorts over tights lately. I haven't seen it in Australia, but then it is the middle of summer here, so wearing tights for any reason would be crazy.

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