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Monday, December 24, 2007

christmas traditions

...were completely ignored this Christmas Eve.

I'm into the whole quiet night in, reading the Christmas story (Luke 2), singing Christmas carols, and watching the old version of Miracle on 34th Street. This year, however, I took my friends' kids to see Enchanted, had dinner with them at Hungry Jacks (Americans read: Burger King), and then went home to see Christmas in with a few episodes of That 70s Show (which I'm still doing). But it's not like I didn't do anything Christmas-related...I did visit four different supermarkets trying to find the apple cider their mother just told me today she wants me to bring to Christmas lunch. I never get to bring food, as I don't cook to her Christmas standard. Though in truth they do make an amazing Christmas feast. Who am I to mar it with substandard gravy?

Man, I love That 70s Show. I've watched four seasons of it in about five days. As is my habit when I watch several episodes of anything in a short space of time, last night I dreamed my own crazy episode of the show. Something to do with sneaking someone out of hospital...can't remember it all now. I'd feel a lot better about my crush on Hyde if he wasn't supposed to be 18 in the show. That's just wrong. As are his sideburns.

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