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Saturday, December 08, 2007

the skirt that saved japan

Not a snap from my holiday, but an advert for a skirt that transforms into a vending machine costume to fool stalkers and other miscreants who might be following a Japanese woman home.
I'd love to see a video of the transformation from skirt to this. It would have to be a quick change to fool some follower who's only a block behind you. The pictures (below) don't make it look easy. I want to see how they get from the second stage to the third.

Of course the only reason this could work is because in urban Japan a row of vending machines like this one can be found every few blocks. Apparently it takes the same amount of electricity to run one in summer as the electricity use of an average Japanese household. Yes, in the home of the Kyoto Accord. Scary.

But I digress. If you would like the protection of the transforming skirt (or just think it would make a good Halloween costume) it won't be cheap. This Aya Tsukioka designer skirt sells for around $800.

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