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Saturday, January 05, 2008

daniel johns: a lot going on inside

Speaking of Daniel Johns, I found this interview with him on Youtube. It's from Enough Rope, an interview show hosted by Andrew Denton, easily the best interviewer in Australia. They cover his fame at a very young age and the way his inability to deal with the expectations and pressure (and violence in some cases) led to some really serious illnesses (anorexia, reactive arthritis, etc).

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I found it interesting the way he talked about the album Diorama and making a deliberate decision to write and perform more positive music. He got to a point in the early days where he hated his own music, and given that he describes music as "the only religion that makes sense" to him, that's a dark place to be. I think he enjoyed the creative process, but hated the attention and pressure releasing the music created. In the interview it seems like he can talk about all of this now because he's just in a completely different mindset to before, and finally happy. Even if you're not a Silverchair/Dissociatives fan, it's an interesting interview.

This interview on Rove (another interviewer I love) was done right after Diorama was released when he was dealing with the arthritis. The quality is pretty crap, but it's a funny interview and interesting. Plus you get to see him with long pirate hair (I'm a big fan of long hair on guys, if it suits them).

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