a little east of reality

Saturday, October 14, 2006

where there's a wil, there's a way

Lunch and heavy Japan-related nostalgia with Kasarin today, then off to see Wil Anderson's stand up show. I'm not going to do a blow-by-blow of it, but I do have some accurate review quotes:

"Wound up tighter than a spring, barely pausing for breath…. Wil Anderson is manic, likeable, passionate…" (The Age)

"If you ever have the chance, see Wil Anderson live. I could've sat there all night if laughing so hard didn't hurt so much..." (City News)

I'd definitely see him again given the chance. I had an interesting time finding my way there. You really can't drive and navigate on Brisbane's windy, hilly streets. I found myself going around in circles. In the end I found the bridge by accident and also managed to blindly stumble right onto the very road on which the exhibition centre was located. Yah! Clear I was meant to laugh my ass off that night.