a little east of reality

Friday, October 13, 2006

old mates and mexican food

Flew into Brisbane around lunchtime today and then drove to the hotel in my zippy little red rental Getz. As always when I see Brisbane in Spring I was struck by the beautiful purple jacaranda trees everywhere ~ so pretty.

I wanted to get a few supplies so I took a little wander around Fortitude Valley half the afternoon. I had just been thinking that 'the valley' didn't really live up to its skeazy reputation when I finally found the local shopping mall...right across the street from seven XXX establishments in a row - everything from an adult bookstore to a peep show to a strip club. O_O

In the evening I headed to Pepe's Mexican restaurant to meet up with Deg and her husband, AG, and Nomes, who drove down from the Sunshine Coast. She only moved to Queensland a few months ago ~ Deg has lived in Brissy for several years now ~ so they were catching up with each other as well as with me. It's amazing how normal it feels to be with some people. It seemed like a week or two had gone by since I last saw them, not three years. Such a great night! Good food, good conversation, a lot of laughs ~ I could so hang with these people every week. I barely know AG, but he is just like Deg in all the important senses (clever, witty, fun, pure-hearted) and it was great to have him along.