a little east of reality

Friday, October 06, 2006

stuff that happened while I wasn't blogging #2

I finished planning the most desperately needed four-day weekend ever.

Here's the thing: I live with two guys who NEVER GO OUT. Oh sure, they go to uni, during the workday, when I'm not home anyway. But once I'm out of work and ready to relax at home...there they are! Silent Bob studies a lot and I can pretend I'm alone when he's holed up in his room. But the Smarmy Toothpick spends all his time at home curled up in the corner of my couch watching TV for hours on end. This endless doing of nothing is punctuated only by his frequent trips to the kitchen for yet another glass of warm boiled water out of the kettle. He drinks the stuff like a camel stocking up for a desert trek. Perhaps he's heard we often experience drought in Canberra.

So anyway, I could do with some fun away from the ever-present boarder boys and where better to plan an escape weekend than sunny Queensland!


Fly to Brisbane, book into hotel, drive to home of fabulous friend #1, catch up with her 3 young girls, then out for dinner with her and her hubby.

See the Amazing Human Body Exhibition, meet fab friend #2 for lunch, while away afternoon possibly shopping with FF#2, dinner at Wagamama (opening in Canberra in December ~ Merry Christmas to me!!), then off to Wil Anderson's stand up comedy show.

Up super-early to check out and drive straight to Seaworld on the Gold Coast, deep water dolphin adventure, check out Seaworld, more dolphin fun with a helmet dive, check into hotel and then hightail it up to the Sunshine Coast to meet up with FF#3 and have dinner at some place with a view of the sun setting over the ocean. Back to the hotel for an early-ish night.

Up early to catch a last hour of ocean time (Canberra is land-locked), check out and drive to Indooroopilly to see a movie in the Gold Class cinema (including lunch served to my luxury seat halfway through the movie), off to the airport to fly home.