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Friday, August 18, 2006

judith lucy

Friday night I saw Judith Lucy's new stand up show, I Failed. Basically she was hired to do breakfast radio in Sydney ~ supposedly the best job in radio in Australia, the breakfast show being the Holy Grail of radio announcing ~ and about a year later was fired because, quote: "our core demographic...hates you."

And so they should. Oz Stereo's core demographic is the Britney Spears generation. You know, the ones who list 'instant messaging' as a hobby and think they are making a difference in the world by adding their vote in the Australian Idol competition. Judith Lucy is dry, sarcastic, intelligent and informed. She is hardly cheerleader breakfast fodder.

The show was great! When someone can make you laugh uproariously at tales of colonic irrigation, you know they are truly funny. Although the main theme of the show was her story of breakfast radio and all the stupid gimicky things they reluctantly did (get an LA wax, on air) or refused to do (create 'something light-hearted' on accusations of sexual harrassment against rugby players that were prevelent in the news at the time) or couldn't believe someone had even suggested they do (eg run a competition, the winner of which would get to impregnate themselves with a volunteer celebrity's sperm...good grief!) she took lots of detours along the way.

If you're a fan, or would like to check her (and her humour) out, she did an amazing interview with Andrew Denton recently ~ amazing because it's so honest about her seriously shocking upbringing. Very interesting.

The written interview with the picture of the terrible hair cut she refers to in the interview.

The whole interview in mp3 (plays in the browser).