a little east of reality

Monday, July 31, 2006

job news

Yesterday applications closed for the jobs on offer in our branch. I got the non-ongoing level 5 job in June and now I'm going for the substantive (ongoing) 5.

As for all government jobs there was a list of selection criteria to address. Applications closed at 5pm and about 4.25pm I suddenly took a closer look at number 3 in the list of 4 criteria. I had thought it said, 'the ability to work in a team' and I had answered along those lines. What it actually said was, 'the ability to work independently, as well as part of a team'. As you can imagine, a rather scary half hour followed getting that extra information written in. A final check of all the documents and I clicked [send] at 4.59pm on the dot.

Just as well 'the ability to read the selection criteria carefully' wasn't on there. =)

Interviews will be held around the third week of August, so more news then.