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Monday, October 09, 2006

idol top 8

Top 8 - Theme: Disco (Lavina leaves)

Weird and upsetting week. Chris opened the show brilliantly with 'Play that Funky Music' - perfect song choice for him and the theme - and everyone, including the judges, loved it, yet he still ended up in the bottom 3. I think it was one of those cases where someone is so good that their fans assume they're safe and don't bother to vote. Bobby completely rearranged 'Super Freak' (love that song!) so that it was no longer anything remotely like disco (bossa nova beat, actually). The surprise for me was Dean who finally convinced me that he is more than a pretty face - he had the whole place in the palm of his hand.

Damien tried really hard to get into the disco night theme. He sang 'Celebration' and was jumping and dancing all over the place. Personally I think he did a good job, and the audience was totally into it, but Kyle and Mark tore strips off him. I think they expected him to reshape a disco track to his own style and were really panning him for conforming to the theme instead. But talk about going overboard! Kyle said it was the worst thing he'd ever seen on television and Mark told him it was the most bizarre thing he'd ever seen and that he really hoped Damien didn't get voted off on Monday because it would mean sitting through his performance again. No way was it that bad! In fact, I don't think it was bad at all.

Lisa ruined Blondie's 'Heart of Glass' (which she was under the impression was disco...) In a rare intelligent comment from him, Mark told her that she hadn't taken Marcia's advice on board, had extended every line (which sounded awful) and had sung the song at one level, with one tone all the way through. She also gave the song none of Blondie's mesmerising attitude. Kyle told her that she looked like she'd been forced to be there. I think that Lisa's fans, desperate for her to make it through to the singer/songwriter week, voted up a storm. Unbelieveably, given Lisa's crap performance, we lost Lavina, who had done an excellent job. Lisa wasn't even in the bottom three, and she SO deserved to be.

Here's a link to the various top 8 video clips so you can see if you agree with me!