a little east of reality

Saturday, August 20, 2005

~~~ cupid, draw back your bow ~~~

...and let your arrow flow, straight to my lover's heart for me...nobody but me. Cupid, please hear my cry, and let your arrow fly, straight to my lover's heart, for me.

Mystic, a friend who used to work with me, has made a rather huge romantic turnaround. She was dithering over this guy who's been in love with her for some time, not sure whether to go ahead or walk away for good. Suddenly one day recently she had an epiphany. She realised that she was being a little romantically stupid, taking for granted the very guy who had all that she really wanted. They are now on a month-long holiday together. I think her man has been wondering for a long time what the hell Cupid thought he was playing at, but now it's all working out he must be pretty happy.

It seems Phi's recent romance may be waning. The first few weeks went well, as it often does. I guess at first you are looking for what works, but as time passes what doesn't work becomes more obvious. I'm trying not to give an opinion either way. I think she's pretty interesting/nice, but that isn't always what makes two people 'click'...otherwise we'd always be falling in love with our friends. There has to be something else, something more, and that can only be defined by the two people in the relationship. I'm especially trying to leave it up to him, because apparently many of his other friends aren't. I figure he's getting enough opinions elsewhere.

In other romance news, Gangsta Girl has hooked up with one of the kids in the class I teach. He is...not at all gangsta. In fact he is such a whitebread I'm surprised they've hooked up at all, but hey 'opposites attract' and all that guff. Nice kid anyway, who will remain alive and well as long as he's good to her (sort of kidding). Of course it is a highschool romance, and they tend to be short-lived, but who knows? Certainly right now it looks like Cupid might have hit the right spot.
It'll be interesting to see how all three situations pan out.