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Monday, June 02, 2008

miracle 1: little goddess

I've been scrolling back through my drafts to see which I still want to complete, so don't be surprised if a few older subjects turn up in the next week or so.

This story made me smile. Imagine taking your wife to the hospital for a routine caesarean birth, only to have the doctor emerge to tell you that it's a miracle that your wife, or your baby daughter, are alive. What could have been the tragedy of these people's lives is now their miracle.

Ovarian pregnancies are the rarest form of ectopic pregnancies (one in 40,000 births). Basically the egg fails to reach the uterus and fertilises in the ovary instead. This kind of pregnancy is usually terminated before 10 weeks because it is life-threatening to the mother.
Durga Thangarajah is the only child in Australia -- and possibly the world -- to survive a full-term ovarian pregnancy.

But the healthy 2.8kg bundle was yesterday oblivious to all the fuss caused by her remarkable entry into the world at 8.47am Thursday.

"This form of pregnancy is rare enough, but to have it full-term is unheard of," said obstetrician Andrew Miller, from Darwin Private Hospital.

"I have never come across it in any hospital . . .

"It truly is a miracle she got a living baby out of it."
Though the meaning (goddess) is nice, the name Durga is kind of bleh. Maybe they should have done for Mahima...Hindi for 'miracle'.