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Friday, May 30, 2008

Indy 4 ##SPOILERS###

Impressions after seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:

Indy was older, but he still had it. Not quite like John McClane still had it in Die Hard 4.0, but the old Indy charm was there. And the physique apparently: Harrison Ford has kept himself in such good shape over the years that when he put on the same wardrobe from 19 years earlier, they didn't need to make any alterations. Not bad, Mr Ford.

I liked how they made Mutt (I thought he said his name was Mud and was waiting for the inevitable pun) a greaser. Actually the whole story moving into the 50s was fun. I'd heard they were going to start the fourth movie where the third left off and to not acknowledge the passing of time would have been so lame. But they didn't go there. Ford is 19 years older and so is Indy. Incidentally, it's kind of cute that Mutt chose that canine name for himself. After all, 'Indiana' was actually the name of the Jones family's dog.

Last but not least, our Cate was fantastic as Russian agent Irina Spalko. All that was missing was the leather teddy and riding crop, but that's just the rating, I guess. :)

Unbelieveable (literally):

1. Even if Indy had survived that trip in the fridge, he would have been battered and broken.
2. The waterfalls? No way anyone would have survived that.
3. The ants dragging that guy into their nest whole was also a bit of a stretch, but I didn't care because that was hilarious.

Favourite lines:

Marion: I'm sure I wasn't the only one to go on with my life. There must have been plenty of women for you over the years.
Indy: There were a few. But they all had the same problem.
Marion: Yeah, what's that?
Indy: They weren't you, Honey.

Aww. Sweet.

Mutt (after first really seeing the action Indy is capable of): You're a Professor?

Favourite trivia:

The girl who punches Mutt in the diner scene is Sasha Spielberg, daughter of Steven.

Something I did not know going in:

The skulls are a real phenomenon. Crystal skulls have actually been found in Central and South America. Obviously the explanation for them in the movie is fiction, but interesting to know that crystal skulls of unusual manufacture do exist. I shouldn't be so surprised I guess ~ the other three movies have all featured legendary objects said to be real: The Ark of the Covenant from Jewish lore, the Sankara stones from Hindu lore and the Holy Grail from Christian lore.

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