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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i know, i know, it could be true...

but this story about Lindsay Lohan has me wondering if Lindsay is looking to be the subject of an episode of this TV show.

The story is that Linds has hooked up with her friend DJ Samantha Ronson (who definitely is gay), is now wearing a big ring, referring to herself as Lindsay Ronson and telling friends she is engaged and wants to have a partnership ceremony with Ronson at Dollywood in July.

This sounds like just the kind of prank Ashton Kulcher has been playing on the paparazzi recently.

I guess we'll find out one day. Not that I give two hoots who Lindsay is hooking up with, but I do think the concept behind Pop Fiction is a nice twist on an old theme (Punk'd) and who can deny the paparazzi deserve everything they get?

And speaking of Pop Fiction, I was thinking that an interesting potential use for the show is to cover up a real celebrity scandal by pretending it was just a Pop Fiction prank.

It could happen.

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