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Friday, February 08, 2008

wonderful dancer

The Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance? started here last week, but I've only just caught up with the first episode, which covered the Perth and Brisbane auditions. The guy featured in this video is, in my opinion, the best dancer we saw in the whole show. The problem is that the minimum age allowed for the show is 18, and Caleb is only 15. Watching him dance, I was absolutely gutted to think that he can't apply for the show for another three years. Going by the looks on the faces of the judges I think they were thinking exactly the same thing. The gasps from the other dancers when he said his age, however, might have been gasps of relief that they don't have to compete against this guy. :) Anyway, here's the video, so see for yourself.

There's another dancer I'm watching for. I must dig out an old program and get his name. I saw him last in a stage production of High School Musical and when the whole cast danced at the end he stood out from the other dancers - not in terms of the routine, because that would have been poor dancing form - but certainly in skill: his extensions and the way he was perfectly centred when he spun. I know he planned to audition for this show, but the Sydney auditions are in the next show, which I haven't seen yet. Update later!

It was only tonight that I suddenly realised that if the show is based in Sydney, I should be able to try for tickets. Definitely have to check that out.

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