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Saturday, February 09, 2008

romney withdrew? o_O?

After reading this speech, all I can say is 'happy day, all is well'. I haven't read crap like that in a long time.

I do wonder a little if his decision has less to do with 'keeping the Republican party united' and more to do with having to finally admit he lied about the whole 'me and my daddy marched with Martin Luther King' thing. His father didn't march (though he was strongly supportive on civil rights) and even if he had marched on the day he was supposed to have in Mitt's retelling, Mitt was overseas as the time and could not have marched with him or seen him march, two things claimed at different times. The resultant backpeddling was awkward and embarrassing to watch.

Anyway, keep bringing it on, Obama. I'm starting to see some real differences between him and Hillary. Of course my lack of vote makes it all a bit moot, but whatever.

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