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Monday, January 14, 2008

dum dum dumdum dum

dumdum dum dum dum DUMB!

This week a kid in Melbourne decided to throw a party while his folks were out of town (they didn't leave him home alone - they'd arranged for him to stay with a friend, but he used the empty house for the party). So far that's just normal teenage tomfoolery, right? Now add the fact that there was going to be a heap of underage drinking. Recipe for disaster, but still within the normal stupidity range, right? But here comes the kicker. Then the guy decides to put the invite on his mySpace and, you guessed it, this is not a 'friends only' page we're talking about. FIVE HUNDRED people turned up to his house.


Ian's written a good post about the fallout of that decision, complete with a photo of this kid as he was interviewed after the party, half naked with a pink doona wrapped around him. And this link has a little video interview ~ he's such a bogan!

The police are considering making him pay the $20,000 the callout cost. Why so high? Well, that's what happens when 30 cops, a helicopter and a dog squad come to your party and drunk teenagers pelt bottles at police cars. Hmmm. I try to work up a little sympathy for him, but he hasn't shown any remorse at all, saying that he doesn't see how he's to blame for the damage done to the neighbourhood by his party guests.
When asked by the Nine Network what advice he had for other teenagers considering throwing a party while mum and dad are away, he said: "Get me to do it for you.

"Best party ever, that's what everyone's saying.''
I wonder if $20,000 worth of community service would change his mind...

For me the most angering comment came from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, an author of books on adolescent psychology:
"I really do hope police do send the bill to the parents because it is appropriate,'' [he]...said.

"To blame poor old Corey is a little bit unfair. I think he is a normal, 16-year-old kid.

"This is absolutely a parental responsibility.''
His parents arranged a place for him to stay, and the only reason he was left behind was because he had gotten a part-time job and would have had to miss work. They, unlike him, are horrified at his behaviour and he is so aware of how they will view this that he still has not answered any of the many, many calls they've made to him. But somehow "Dr" Carr-Gregg thinks THEY warrant the 20G bill for all this. And this guy talks about teenagers on TV. O_O?? Madness.