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Saturday, January 12, 2008

ohhh, so this is why people hate having teenagers

Oh, how I miss my apartment in Osaka. Sure, it was the size of a large matchbox. And yeah, I had to store my bed in a cupboard each day. But that apartment had one fantastic attraction that my current unit just can't offer.

I lived there alone. My current boarder is 20, but he might as well be 15. His friends are all still teenagers and they are often around here playing video games or watching movies. I am soooooo sick of people who:
  • won't put lids back on containers properly
  • won't put things they use away
  • leaves dishes on the counter,in front of the microwave, on the dining table...pretty much anywhere except the sink
  • will only do housework when specifically asked
  • not only drinks my raspberry cordial but also leave it to stain the counter when they spill it
  • leave their clothes on the bathroom floor
  • puts empty jars and ice trays back into the fridge/freezer
  • are somehow blind to the fact that a recycling bin is overflowing and needs to be emptied, and my stress level's personal favourite
  • occasionally leaves the house unlocked when going out (twice the door was not only unlocked, but open!)
Oh, did I mention he owes me money?

Word to the wise: nice person outside your home
≠ okay to share a house with.

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