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Monday, April 03, 2006

a-z meme

Okay so Breazy didn't tag anyone for this meme, but it was a cool one, so I took her general invitation to do it.

Accent = Mostly Australian with a bit of a lilt from the West Indian family and some over-pronounced R's as a hangover from hanging out with too many dreaded Americans when I lived in Japan.
Booze = During the 4 &1/2 minutes I spent as a drinker, my favourite tipple was Malibu (coconut-flavoured Barbados white rum). Actually all the best rum (Mt Gay, Goddards) comes from Barbados. My grandma used to put a crapload of it in our Christmas cakes. Which is why I couldn't eat them.
Chore I hate = floors (vacuuming, sweeping, mopping) which is why the Keyboard Kid earns extra pocket money at my house each week.
Dog or cat = Cat. Dogs are so needy.
Essential Electronics = mp3 player, and see my blog at the end of this week for a wonderful amazing update to this answer. ^_^
Favorite Perfume/Cologne = Looking for a new one actually. On guys I LOVE Drakkar Noir. /drool/
Gold or Silver = Silver. The only gold I will ever wear will be a white gold wedding ring (one day) which will look pretty much silver anyway, and my newly acquired One Ring (to rule them all). Of course I can't wear that all the time because of the whole invisibility thing.
Hometown = Officially, Adelaide, but my heart still feels a tug when it hears the word Osaka.
Insomnia = only the self-imposed kind, as in 'can't sleep because I am trapped in the Matrix internet.
Job Title = Policy Analyst. Yeah, I know.
Kids = only the ones people let me borrow
Living Arrangement = share a rental with the dread pirate Phi and Silent Bob
Most Admired Trait = now just this evening someone complimented me on my analogies; I often get comments on my teaching skills, which sadly I don't use so much these days.
Number of Sexual Partners = just 1 at a time, thanks ^_~
Overnight Hospital Stays = Zero
Phobia = spiders, crossbows
Quote = "A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it." (Rabindranath Tagore).
Religion = Christian (LDS)
Siblings = 1 older brother and 1 younger sister
Time I usually wake up = 6:15am
Unusual Talent = remembering numbers. I worked in the office of a paint brush factory about nine years ago and I can still remember most of the product codes. I forget other stuff like birthdays all the time.
Vegetable I refuse to eat = capsicum (bell peppers)
Worst Habit = procrastination
X-Rays = most recent were of my spine because I started seeing a chiropractor again after several years
Yummy Foods I Make = The Italian dishes often get a comment. My favourite dish I make is a copy of a chicken/garlic/spring onion/cheese dish from Ninnikuya, a garlic restaurant chain in Japan.

Zodiac Sign = Virgo

I'm going with the no tag thing this time, too. It's cute though, so if you feel like doing it, let me know so I can read yours.