a little east of reality

Sunday, April 09, 2006

bad blogger! in your basket! grrrr

All I want to do is kick back and read up on how everyone's been doing, and finish a couple of posts that are in draft form right now. I decided that all I could feasibly do without feeling guilty about leaving other things undone was to write one post. So I spent a little time telling about how I found out that one of my favourite authors has a blog, and some exciting news I read on that blog.

And then Blogger ate it.

It didn't even leave me the first draft. It just ate the whole thing, bones and all. Check back with me later this week for a new version, plus a rant, plus a report of the Rolling Stones concert I'll be seeing on Tuesday night, plus an excited droolfest about my new gadgetry.

But for now...bad Blogger! Bad!