a little east of reality

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

monday, monday

...can't trust that day.

My class sucked this morning, so uncooperative and distracted that I felt like suggesting they go find another teacher who enjoys getting up early in the morning to waste time talking to air. I ended the class about ten minutes early and left. They weren't learning anything anyway. I'd like to say that might make them think, but chances are that they didn't give a toss. When you're fifteen it's always the teacher's fault.

I thought work might be easy with MsPlum off skiing all week, but the first thing that happened was that I missed a correction in a document. Apparently the Scot woke up on the asshole side of the bed this morning and instead of merely asking me to go back and correct it, decided he needed to 'rake me over the coals' instead. An hour later his other personality was at my desk thanking me very much for the 'terrific job' I'd done on the documents (the second time around). Phi suggests this might have been his dipshit way of apologising. Hmmm.

In the afternoon I discovered that I'd arranged to send an eBay purchase to the wrong address. In trying to save myself postage, I've now cost myself not only extra postage, but also opened up an opportunity for the item to get lost along the way in all the back and forth. *sigh*

So tonight I stayed up way too late with Phi, comforting myself with good conversation. It was a good end to a bad day, but not a sensible one as I'm now going to get about 3hrs sleep. The jury's still out for now on if it was worth it. Depends how tired I am tomorrow I suppose.