a little east of reality

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

michael's thoughts on blogging

These poems are not mine, though I assembled them. They are actually distilled from the April 20, 22 and May 20 posts at Winter of Discontent. The observations and thoughts were pure and poetic and it occurred to me to present them in this boiled-down way, rather than just posting a link.

blogging is little more than telepathy
as I sit here and think
and write
and make nothing more than squiggly lines on the page
I am communicating to you
without speaking
without body language and without eye contact

today is friday april 22…2:45pm
I am sitting in my living room on a wireless laptop
and you are here with me at this moment in time
even if you're reading this years from now

if you have your name on your blog, you're hardcore
in our lifetime, we will see someone very important get into a lot of trouble for something they're writing on their blog right now
future judges, senators, celebrities, advocates
are saying things right now that will be exposed or twisted some day

blogging is the new marijuana
everyone's doing it

it may come back to bite you in the ass one day
someone might be inspired
to see what kind of person you were at some point in time
dancing naked in public, as we know, is very fun
but has its consequences

my deepest thoughts, my tirades
in google's cache for eternity

stay anonymous
and spill shit carelessly on the page
otherwise, you're writing in a journal
that isn't lying securely under your bed each night
sometimes, that’s the only way to be fully honest

being real
when I first started blogging
it was all about the front
how do I be

but the front turns people off
you can't fake the funk
if, as bloggers, we're going to be naked in our writing
we can't be thinking about our image
we have to deliver the goods, and the goods are ourselves

that's what makes the best blogs great
no regret

now go to your blog
and say something revealing