a little east of reality

Thursday, April 07, 2005

wherefore art thou gackt?

Dragged myself out of bed for a 7am bus to Sydney this morning. Said bus was blissfully empty, so I made myself comfortable across a pair of seats and the next thing I knew, the driver was announcing our approach into Sydney. 3 1/2 hrs well spent.

Today is my Gackt-hunting day. Yes the much-worshipped King of Kakkoyosa (coolness) is in Sydney on an organised holiday with members of his fan club. As that is all the infomation I have, my stalking capability is pretty much reduced to the having my camera with me in case I happen to bump into him while shopping or hanging downtown. But hey, that's a LOT more chance than I have of meeting him when he's in Tokyo!

Anyway, I'm going to wander the town now in a constant state of alertness, and check out Kinokuniya while I wait for Fate to figure out where the heck he is and set him on my path.